Friday, 9 October 2015

Story #45 - Letting your mind wander after a walk

They say that ideas, good or bad, come when you walk. A half an hour, an hour, longer.
Well, yesterday I walked for over five hours. Haven't met anyone. Haven't seen anything out of the ordinary. Just a green park, plenty of brown benches, some looked a tad rusty, some even had some wooden boards missing.
I saw that and I wanted to let my ideas go wild. I had nothing...nothing. But now I can figure out that some dog might've been too bubbly and thought it was a tree branch, or some couple had been too lovey-dovey, Hell, maybe even a runner who did a few too many jumping squats.
Then there was a bald spot amid the grassy patches which looked weird, and looked like it had been shoveled right off, although there weren't any step marks around that portion.
I found it weird that there were no animals or birds. Even in the most abject places you usually find pigeons, squirrels, or hell, snails, worms, spiders, ants, something like that. Maybe what caused the bald spot caused the animals to flee. Maybe an invisible being that doesn't leave traces went around and kidnapped all the living things from the park.

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