Monday, 19 October 2015

Story #55 - Not a fairy tale

Once upon a time there was a guy in his early twenties. He was the generic average bloke you'd meet everywhere or read about. No noteworthy features, intelligence, or skill. Just grey.
He went through life like a shadow. Even his own parents paid him less attention once they realized what he was all about. They stopped taking him to family meetings and days out; he didn't dislike that.
One day, this guy decided to pawn his watch. It was the only thing in his wardrobe that looked inappropriate with his attire. It was gold; everything else was either white or black.
He went to the shop. The guy behind the counter said it was fake, and that it wasn't worth much. Disappointed, he left.

After he came home, he went into the garden and planted it under the grass, one foot deep; then poured water over the patch.
Week after week he waited for something to pop up, but nothing ever did.
A month and a half went by, and he decided to check on it.
There wasn't anything worthwhile above, so he decided to dig.
A few worms were crawling over the watch; he peeled them off. It was dusty and sprinkled with dirt; he blew on it. The fake wasn't working anymore. He rotated the buttons, but it was in vain; the color turned from golden to dark red, almost brick-like.
"Guess there aren't any fairy tales in real life, are there?" He said as he hung his head in shame.

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