Thursday, 8 October 2015

Story #44 - Let's buy stuff

One day I was thinking to myself, "I don't have stuff in my life. A book, a laptop, and that's about it." I really felt I needed more.
So I went and bought a few more laptops, just to have, who knows if I'll ever use them. Maybe I'll end up reselling them.
I never used chairs in my life, apart from school, and didn't miss them. But then I had an idea of building a fort and hiding myself under it.
I had been eating on the floor for years, and a table was lacking in my house. Maybe I could try some of those fancy pull-ups where you need a really strong core.
I always wanted to paint, so I'll buy some oil paints, since they look better, and a few canvases.
I always wanted to draw professionally, and I found the nicest-looking graphics tablet. Hopefully it'll work. It's kinda old.
And I went with "I always..." for a few weeks, until I felt that my house was filled too the brim. Then guess what? I didn't have time to enjoy them. I simply stared at them. I didn't know with what to go first. I only figured out that I had to sell.

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