Sunday, 4 October 2015

Story #40 - Everybody wants everything handed

"Hmm, I wish I had a fairy around. I could have it give me all sorts of wishes."
"You called, master?"
"I am your fairy, master."
"Where did you come from? Why is there light in this room? I was about to go to sleep and now I have aliens in my pad."
"I am not an alien. I am a fairy, and you wished for me to appear."
"Oh, yeah? So, can you give me wishes?"
"Okay. I wish I had a girl next to me."
"Very well... Poof."
"What's this?"
"A girl."
"This is a doll for children. What can I do with it? Pet its hair? Dress it up?"
"Be more specific next time."
"Fine. I want to not have a job ever again, but have enough money for the rest of my life."
"Very well... Poof."
"Let me check my bank account... Nope. Still the same amount."
"When you will pay for something, regardless of the amount, you will have it."
"Let me try that. I'm gonna buy...hmm...twenty bags of peanuts at five bucks a bag. That should be more than what I have. Checkout... Holy shit, it worked."
"I'm glad you like it."
"Okay. Here's another one. Whenever somebody wants something from, they'll forget it and praise me instead."
"Very well... Poof."
"I have a new text message. From Melanie. "You are amazing." Haha. I might be the first one that she complimented in her life."
"Is there anything else that you would like, master?"
"I have to sleep on it. I will tell you tomorrow."
"Very well... Poof."
"Wait. What did you do?"
"It is tomorrow already."
"But I'm exhausted. I haven't slept at all."
"Very well... 
"... Poof."

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