Friday, 23 October 2015

Story #59 - No such thing as haunted houses!

"Yo, Alex, wanna come in this house with me?"
"Isn't it private property?"
"Kinda, but it's also abandoned. And I heard it's haunted."
"By what?"
"The dead?"
"Yeah, obviously. I mean, a ghost, voices, something else?"
"Nobody knows. Everyone who went in there said they saw nothing, yet they heard noises."
"Boring, isn't it?"
"It might be fun. So?"
"Yeah, sure. I can do shopping later."

As those two went past the chainless gate, one light switched on inside the place. It was warm, and dark, and quiet.
The door was open.
"Huh. It wasn't like this when we were outside."
"Must be that haunted thing. Or so you say."
"Well, there was a light on, too."
"Must be a couple or something."
Screeches can be heard upstairs. Silence. Then muffled music.
"See, a couple."
"Or some killer who was dragging her victim, and her heels were making that noise. But I don't know what's up with the music. It sounds shady. Let's check it out."
"Oh, boy."
Slowly moving inside the dark hallway, trying not to make a noise, one of them kicks a metallic object. The music stops. He holds his foot and clenches his teeth.
"Goddammit. Who the hell put a bucket over here? Hurts like a motherf..."
"Why aren't there any steps?"
"How should I know? You okay?"
"Getting there."
"Let's go up."
"Come on."
"I'm running out if something happens."

Walking on all fours up the steps, they reach the top. No lights are on. There is no smell. Or noise.
"Where should we go now?"
"It sounded like it came from that room."
After their whispers, they walked over to farthest room down the narrow hallway. Only one person at a time could fit.
The door seemed to open with every foot they took.
"Hey, man. I'm going to stop."
"Come on, Alex. Don't be a pussy."
"...okay, fine. Just until we reach the door."
And they continued.

A short couple of steps until the room, when the wall to their right opens up and swallows them inside.
The lights turn on. There's blood everywhere. There are...bones, too. And...
The lights turn off.

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