Thursday, 22 October 2015

Story #58 - Red panda for a pet

"Darling, your dad and I feel that you can have a pet now. What would you like?"
" panda."
"A what?"
"A red panda, mommy."
"I don't know that one."
"It's small, with ears, and teeth, and paws, and a tail, and a nose, and eyes."
"Ahem. We'll look into it, okay? Now go and play."

Several days have passed.
"Yes, darling?"
"Will you still get me my red panda?"
"Uh... Baby, how should I explain this to you...we cannot have a red panda in our house because the law doesn't allow us."
"That's stupid."
"But it's the truth. They're protected, and you can't raise them like you do a dog or cat."
"That's stupid."
"Don't you want a cat instead?"
"What about a hamster?"
"No. Only a red panda."
"Well, I guess you won't get a pet."
"That's stupid. I hate you."
He left the room.
"You'll get over it. Can't afford one of those creatures. They're odd. Wouldn't want them in the neighborhood."

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