Saturday, 24 October 2015

Story #60 - What's this love thing? (part 1)

I was walking one day to work. Looked like a regular day. No clouds, but not much sun either.
The streets had the same grey tint without having a leaf on them.
I had passed a block of seven houses, and every one had their drapes over their windows, like they were cowering in fear of having the sun's particles in their homes.
Anyway, I was talking with some of my other voices in my head, you know, to pass the time; I'm pretty sure everybody does it, although most people deny doing so; when I saw Julie.
We used to work together until she found a different job, one that she said was much better. During those five months she was around, she brightened me. There are certain people who smile even when others are negative and gloomy and tiresome and bitchy and... She was this person. Whenever I was sad or conflicted, I'd look at her smile and feel everything vanish. It's all because of a gap in her front teeth. I've heard people call her a bunny girl, which I found kinda rude. She simply giggled.

Julie was coming my way, smiling, looking at the clouds with her big brown eyes that could rival anime ones. She had a haircut, though. A fringe. Made her figure stand out more. I thought "Shit, I might fall for her even more." As I was doing this, she saw me and waved at me. I waved back.
Approaching one another, wondering how to start things, I stopped.
"Hey, Dan."
"Hello, Julie."
"What are you looking at?"
"Oh, I saw a pebble that I thought looked great."
"Still looking at random things, huh?"
"Going home?"
"To work, actually."
"Oh," she said and her lips frowned.
"What's wrong?"
"You know I was dating Hugh, right?"
"We broke up recently, and he kinda humiliated me. Whenever I think of that place, I get sad."
"That's...wrong. One jerk shouldn't affect your feelings that much."
"We both made mistakes, though."
She pushed her chest against mine and almost swept me off my feet. I was surprised and didn't know what to do for a few seconds, then I hugged her; her hands did the same.
Julie raised her head and I could see the tears flushing down her reddish cheeks, leaving snowcone-like tracks behind.
"It's al..." Our lips touched. I closed my eyes.

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