Thursday, 15 October 2015

Story #51 - Intriguing coffee girl

I've always enjoyed my cup of coffee alone. Whenever someone came and joined me, I wouldn't even look at them. They'd usually talk to me, or touch my shoulder, or poke my shoulder with their finger, and I wouldn't say anything. I wouldn't turn around. I couldn't be bothered.
You see, I always felt my world to be more important than anyone else's, but regardless of that, I'm a poor morning person. I'd rather shut up and go away from you than bear your sight and give you my two cents on your appearance or intelligence. Yes, I'd be that nasty. I know that ignoring is equally nasty and it doesn't really bode well for me in the short or long run. It won't make me any friends. It will only get me pointed at.

Yet, recently, something weird has been happening. Two minutes after I put my cup down, some girl puts her cup next to mine. I don't know who she is yet. I've never seen her in the college canteen before.
She has short curly hair that covers half of her left ear; the right one has a dangling earring with a cherry. Every time she rocks her head to the side, it flows like the wind is carrying the piece of fruit almost out of the tree. It left me speechless a couple of times; still, I didn't talk to her.
I listen to music when I'm here, but I always hear her laughter. I don't know what's so funny in her phone. I'd like to find out, though. Her giggles are short and full of vigor, like those people who start to laugh, can't stop, and you join them. Although she knows how to stop, you still end up laughing along.
Also, she changes her nail polish every day. She had, green yesterday, black and blue the day before, pinkish before that. I wonder what'll be today. I might change myself, too. I might start looking at her while she's here. Might start talking, too.

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