Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Story #49 - Doing the same day, everyday

I wake up, take a shower, grab a bagel or a muffin, have an espresso, and dash off to work.
I take the subway to work. I always get there at 9:25 am, and I always get on it at 9:30, even if it's crowded.
I finish my stop at 10:02. I leave the ramp four minutes later. I arrive at work ten minutes after that.
I say "Hi" to a couple of folks, then go on my computer. Usually, as this thing changes times, but it's a constant, I have a meeting with my boss about nothing in particular. He's not really saying that I'm doing a great job, just a decent one; I don't really care much about the job, either. If I'm only putting in a minimum effort, and he's okay with that, then so be it.
I don't talk much with my colleagues at work, however, when we finish at 6:30 pm, we go for a beer. Fridays we go for five.
After that beer, I go back on the tube. Apart from Friday, I am always there at 7:10 pm, board it four minutes later, and get in my area at 7:46 pm.
I grocery shop, or that's what I think I'm doing, when I'm only buying muffins/bagels, humus and pitta bread. The flavor of the chickpea dish changes, though.
Then I go home, eat that while I check on random, nonsensical stuff, watch a movie, and then go to sleep.
On the weekends I tend to eat a cake, and a few pizzas, while watching three movies. And that's the weekend.
And that's my life. And there's nothing wrong with it. Although some days I feel like I should fall on the subway tracks.

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