Saturday, 30 April 2016

Story #249 - Old habits resurface (part 6)

After two days of lying on the couch, I became bored. I needed fresh air or I'd break the TV screen. God. Do they even make anything worthwhile on the small tube anymore?
I can imagine people sitting here, watching this crap, and end up either going mad or killing themselves. Or worse, turn even more average. The plague of society. Everybody becoming so average that getting naked and drunk is considered a talent to make a show about.
Ugh! I've had enough.
I need to move...hmm... It didn't occur to me that I may not have shoes here.
*gets up* Ow, my body. Just sitting is painful enough. But I have to get out. *walks in a slow fashion to the entrance*
No shoes. Dammit. My mom only has small sizes. Grand. Back to the potato position.

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