Sunday, 3 April 2016

Story #222 - Arguing (part 1)

I'm here again. On the bench. Ugh... Third time this week.
I hate it when Marie is difficult, and whenever we argue, one of us has to leave the place so we won't make matters worse.
It still boggles my mind how we can discuss so stupidly or crappy subjects like "Why did you buy this brand of crisps," "Why do you always leave the socks in your pockets when you put your trousers in the wash," and my favorite "We should drink some expensive stuff next time."
Sure, some of it is tame, but when I say "no" to something, it turns into another, and another, and another. I really don't know why we keep having these shitty discussions for, but something has to change.
Yeah, change. I've made my mind up. I'm gonna march in our place and...start another heated conversation. Ugh... I need a vacation. It's always raining in this place. Maybe it's depressing me, us, in such a way that it also affects our brains.
I'll stay here for a little while longer and enjoy the dark cloud. A nice piece of solitude.

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