Sunday, 10 April 2016

Story #229 - Arguing (final part)

I slowly made my way home, amid the brewing storm.
Standing in front of my door, I took a few deep breath, swallowing what ounce of pride I had in me and rang the bell. Nothing. I rang it again. Nothing.
I checked myself for the keys, and somehow found them in my back pocket, although I don't remember putting them there. Maybe something happened when I was asleep?
Regardless, I opened the door. The lights were out, and no noises could be heard, apart from the dew lashing against the glass.
"Marie?" Nothing. I took off my soaked shoes and walked in the living room. She was nowhere in sight. The clock shows 8:24, a time when she would be watching a soap opera on TV. 'Strange,' I think to myself. I go up to our room. The stairs creak louder than the sky's howl. The door is slightly open, so I push it aside. The glimmer of light that flashes when the lightning hits shows an empty room. I step in and look around, and there it is, the note. "Oh, boy." I nab it with my wet hand.
"I know we've had arguments in the past, and we'll probably have some in the future, but right now I felt I needed a break from you. You probably do, too. I don't blame you. As much as we've made our life enjoyable, we've also made it miserable. We both like to have fun. Let's have that, just not together. I'll come back. Don't know when. Take care of yourself. There's some food in the fridge. Marie."
'Good think I got drunk last night, huh?' I think and start laughing, but it soon turns into a whimper.

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