Sunday, 17 April 2016

Story #236 - Dancing

"How do you learn to dance?"
"You do this and this."
"Literally, you wiggled your finger from left to right."
"Yeah. Finger dancing."
"Okay. Close your eyes."
"So I can do a move, but I want to do it before you see it."
*eyelids go down* "Aw. What was that for?"
"You danced with your finger in front of my face. I danced with mine in your eye."
"Har-har." *rubs eye*
"I'm serious about this thing. Show me something or I'll kick you."
"Fine." *puts right leg on the side, pointing with the toes, then pushes and the left one slide; the right one follows.*
"That looked kinda cool, actually."
"It's alright. And after your legs are together, you jump and go 360 degrees, roughly."
"And then?"
"You fall to your palms and knees, suck in your belly, then fall back and lift your arms, wiggling them as if bad things were leaving your body."
"Yeah. That's about 8 seconds. Sounds harder than it is."

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