Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Story #245 - Old habits resurface (part 2)

I've stepped inside this restroom.
They could use a fucking window up in this place. Either build that or hand out gas masks 'cause it makes me spill my beans, and not in a good way. Goddamit!
Do they even have cleaners here?
I can see crap on the floors as I'm going around puddles of piss, trying to find a spot where my shoes won't be flooded.
Hmm...you know what? I'd rather go back to the door, unzip my fly, and go. It's the safest option. A shame I considered it only after I stepped into this bane of life. You fail only to grow.

Ah, that felt great. It's a little unhygienic, but rather them than me. Now to get out. Bye, yellow liquid.

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