Friday, 15 April 2016

Story #234 - Quiet on the set

"Quiet on the set," says the assistant director. "Sound, ready?"
"Action," says the director from behind.
The actor starts moving. Walking, increasing his tempo, when a pen drops.
He stops for a second as everyone looks at the person who dropped it. He grabs it, places it in his pocket, and sits tight.
The actor goes again.
A cough emerges. The actor pretends like nothing has happened, despite turned heads.
The cough increases. Twice, thrice, and at the forth she runs outside. Fast footsteps, slammed doors, hands clapped.
The actor giggles while he's moving, then says sorry, and carries on.
Somebody burps.
"Alright," says the assistant director. "We can pretty much chalk this one out. Take five, deal with your shit, and come back."

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