Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Story #238 - All these dancing peeps

Man, it's so annoying trying to find someone to dance my style.
All you see on the floor is athleticism that rivals the Olympians. Really?
I thought dance was more about sensuality and feeling something, and less about shaking your ass, flipping your legs sideways, or jumping on the wall.
I'm looking at these guys on the dance floor and they behave like menopausal bitches, going aggressive, then stopping and starting again. Some of them are thinking "Should I slap her ass or just wiggle my finger like a pooper scooper?"
God they're annoying.
I wish there was someone out there who could do like three moves, you know, right-left-rotate, though I kinda see why people want something different. That gets old fast.
But I still like it.
I'm gonna need another drink.

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