Thursday, 21 April 2016

Story #240 - Scheming son

I never had toys growing up, so I told myself I would have them when I'd be older.
And it happened.
I earned more than my parents. Whenever they wanted something and couldn't afford it, I loaned them. No, I didn't ask for the money back, despite receiving it a couple of times. I simply told them this was for my infancy years. They wouldn't have it.
Things went bad, and they lost their jobs.
Sadness is but a small word with what to describe them afterward. Despair is a better one. However, I said I could offer them a hand if they do as I say.
At first no, a week later it turned into a yes. Typical, right? Yet, their lives changed. Gradually, of course.
They went from hating their jobs and squabbling all the time, to enjoying themselves. Hell, I saw them laugh at something else than a kitten video.
Soon, a few of their friends and colleagues came by for a chat. I gave them a chance, too.
More and more people began coming, and more and more strings came into my hands.
I didn't even have to work anymore. A smile, a handshake, and they were on their way.
It's a shame they don't know what they've gotten themselves in.

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