Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Story #225 - Arguing (part 4)

I surely went somewhere. A casino. Why would I spend more money when I have enough on my plate? Ugh... Sometimes I think so stupidly it boggles my mind even more. If Marie were here, she'd say that it isn't possible since I don't have anything under my skull. Can't say I blame her.
I got drunk and the only thing in my head is her. We have so many arguments, yet I crave for it, for her. Why must I live with such negativity? Am I the kind of guy that thrives in madness and can only get going by that? I hope not. God, I'm so frustrated. I wanted to dump her before I arrived at the boozer. Now I'm calm, pissed, and about to lose from my savings. Somebody kills me already.
"Are you okay, Sir?" The dealer says.
"Grand. Come on, roll it." I place seven chips on red 23 for the roulette. I'm confident. Not too confident, as I've already lost ten chips on poker, five on blackjack, and eight on craps.
It's rolling, and rolling, and rolling, and it falls...on fuckin' black 5. Motherfucker. I hate this game.

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