Thursday, 14 April 2016

Story #233 - Desires

Somewhere near the river were 3 males.

One was sitting on the cobblestone, clothes dirty and torn, face with a lot of fuzz and a lack of fat, his innards grumbling from time to time as a tin cup lay in front of his feet, barren and rusted.

In front of him, looking at the water from the stone railing, a man wearing faded jeans, with a cut below the kneecap, and a dark hoodie. Sighing, with a wallet half-empty, he recalls that he spent a lot of money on last night's drinks.

Behind him, but beside the other one, a guy wearing a sharp gray suit with burgundy shoes and matching shoes. Everything was in exquisite detail. Eating a sandwich bought from the local shop, the man enjoyed his lunch break.

Each of them wanted what the other had, and in case of the last one, have more.
Somewhere in the distance, a newspaper flew by. The headline read "Millionaire hanged himself."

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