Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Story #336 - Homeless man

Going around streets, I often see homeless people. And it's prevalent at nighttime, when people are drunk, especially girls, are talking to them.
One night, being bored, I decided to go looking for such a happening. There it was, near a nightclub. Well, not exactly near. The place was in the middle of the street, the guy sitting at the corner. About 20 meters away. Enough for him not to get kicked off.
It was well after 1 a.m., and peeps were coming out, some barely standing. Two girls, who looked likely to throw up the minute they sat down, approached the guy.
I missed the start of their conversation, but I managed to hear parts.
"Whyyyyy...don't youuuuu...find a jooooob?" *hiccup*
"Nobody would hire me at my age. I've tried. I'm content with myself at this point. There's nothing I can do."
"Try hardeeeer. What if someeee...oneeee would giveeee you! a jobbbb?"
"That'd be great. But I still don't have where to sleep and all this stuff. It would be hard."
She looks at him and gives him a hug, then stumble-walks away.
The guy looks as sad as before, glancing into the distance.

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