Saturday, 16 July 2016

Story #326 - The funeral guy #part 8

Three days have passed since that whole hubbub, and we've arrived at the funeral. 
After talking with mom, she said she'd rather have somewhere nice, than something with frills. Not because she didn't care about George, but she preferred a homely avenue. I picked a smaller venue, knowing it'd be enough for those coming. 
Also, we cremated him. Mom was iffy on the subject, yet I wanted my brother to be with her. 
That was held at 10. It lasted for twenty minutes. After that, we moved into the area where people could give their wishes to the bereaved aka my least favourite part, and the reason why I've never been to a funeral before. 
When people entered and started saying "I'm sorry," or "condolences," it made me sad.
However, there was this one guy who hugged and gave mom a note, without saying a word. She started crying when she opened it.

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