Sunday, 3 July 2016

Story #313 - Where's my phone? part 13

"I can't give you water. Couldn't find any."
I wanted to give him an answer, but instead of mumbling, I nodded and gave him my thumbs up.
'I haven't really met anyone in here. The disadvantage of the freelance life.'
"After you eat, you can take a nap, or you can leave, if you feel brave enough. I wouldn't recommend it. The situation's ridiculous now. People are desperate. They're killing and eating each other. We should lay low until we find the reason."
I had finally finished chewing the itsy bitsy bits clenched between my teeth.
"What do you think happened? Aliens?"
"No. Alternate universe. Or someone is in the past, trying to wipe us all."
"Why would they do that?"
"Why did all the dictators did what they wanted?"
"That too, but to rule. They only wanted their things, their nations, their race. If we are to go back to a world without technology, we will be in deep shit."

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