Sunday, 24 July 2016

Story #334 - Reaching the top

Once upon a time lived a person who never knew how it was to stand tall.
He walked in the shadows of others, he made them take priority over his life, and he became lost.
So much so that when he was told to go climb a hill, he had no idea what it was.
Days passed by, and there was, finally, in front of the big thing.
Looking around, he found steps that made a path.
Going on it, he became relaxed. The angst went away, like a snap of the fingers.
When he reached a top, not the big one, he turned around and looked at the majestic view. Houses were now little red fireflies. People were not even ant-sized. He could see into the distance far and wide. For the first time in his life, the horse glasses came off.
A clang of the mouth brought a smile as a tear trickled down his bushy cheek. He tilted his head backwards, facing the sky, pressed his palms beside his chin, and let out a howl even dogs or wolves would be proud of.
"This is the life. This is reality. This is amazing."

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