Saturday, 2 July 2016

Story #312 - Where's my phone? Part 12

'Where am I?' I think as I wake up. My head hurts in a somebody hit it way.
"You look pale. Eat something." A voice comes from the dark.
I look around and see bread and grapes on  a plate, under a light. I jump at it like a leopard on a deer, savagely tearing the gluten item into pieces, then chucking it, along with the green nibbles, into my mouth.
My jaw scrunches hard to get going, a cog lacking oil, moving for a few seconds before rusting. That's how I was left with those chewable bits between my teeth.
"Jesus. You're behaving like those people outside. What's wrong with you? Eat slower."
I wish I could've told him how hungry I was, instead of mumbling something from the Neolithic era. Crustaceans would get me better.
"At least you're safe, idiot."
Huh? Does he know me?

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