Monday, 18 July 2016

Story #328 - Getting choked out

"Yo, Louie, you're all smiles. Whaddup?"
"Man, I can't make this stuff up. I'm telling you I saw the greatest thing ever."
"You haven't told me anythin'."
"So, you know how you keep telling me this area is strange and dangerous, now I know what you mean."
"Right, right..."
"On my way over, I passed by this bar or whatever, and near the doorway were two bouncers trying to manhandle a big guy. He was huge, you know, maybe 1.90 and about 140 kgs. One of those well built peeps that are a burden to cross paths with."
"And then?"
"They somehow got him out the door, onto the street, and one dude, short, but not scrawny, had him in the choke hold, you know, the one from behind, against your neck, and plying in the pressure. The guy's face turned blue-purple. That was awesome."
"What then?"
"I turned away for a sec, cause I saw this girl, and he was laid out on the ground. Then everything returned to normal."
"He die?"
"Nah. He was moving a little bit afterwards."
"But that girl, man, *whistles*, she was a hottie."

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