Thursday, 7 July 2016

Story #317 - Accident on the road

It's been a long day. Walking over 20 km's to sight-see has depleted me, and right now, I want to be in my bed and sleep. But I can't. I have my bus trip back. Hopefully, it'll be a quiet one so I can take some zeez.

Waiting here, I see a lot of other tired people. Everybody wants to get home, huh? After a ten hour ride, we can do that.

Awesome. Not that many people inside, which means I can have two chairs to myself. I can sleep as decently as one can inside a bus.

So far, I've read a lot, and that's about it. My eyes closed for five seconds...and... I'm tired now.

*hooooooooonk* Whoaaa! Nearly smashed my head in the seats here. What the hell is up with this? Why's the bus stopped? I need to see what's going on. The driver's outside, arguing with people. What the? Five guys came out of nowhere and dashed off. So did the ones our steering wheel man was heated with. Oh, wow. Even more. Fifteen people, sitting behind a highway barrier. Have they no better things to do with their lives?
Now I see. They placed a log on the road. Trying to rob people. Dammit. They need to be punched. Why must some be like this. It drives me off the wall. I don't think I'll be able to sleep any longer...

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