Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Story #364 - Stand, maggot

Somewhere in a park, on a sunny day, where four *Ouch* five men. One of them was pure evil, hitting me, the narrator, with his helmet, for not taking him into consideration.
"And jump outta this page and deck ya, boy."
I have no idea how he's talking, but I'll let it slide.
Moving on, the four men are standing straight, wearing tan outfits that are changing colours as I speak. They aren't allowed to have caps, sunglasses, or water bottles. In fact, there are no trees in that particular area for at least 2 square kilometers. Apparently, according to the boss-
"Whoa, whoa, whoa... Lemme say this, you good for nothing twerp. Now, see here, being in a shade shows your weakness. Shows you're a pussy. One who can't do anything without going back to their mommy."
Right. So you read. These guys are here for training. Mental and physical. Whoever cracks will be forced to stay an hour longer. And then do push-ups until they puke themselves to sleep.
Blimey. I'm starting to sound like the Corporal over there.
"Sounds to me like you're improving, boy."
I wish I'd improve your-

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