Sunday, 21 August 2016

Story #362 - Pub crawl costume

"What in Sam Hill are you doing?"
"Huh? What? Can't you tell?"
"I didn't know you liked to wear drag."
"This is an Ancient Roman robe-a-like. Me and a few of my mates are going out. And it's that time of the month."
"Just like with the drag, I thought you were a guy. Didn't realize you were a girl, and your period was starting. The things I miss when I'm at work, man..."
"Idiot. Don't you know that there's a monthly bar crawl thing where you dress differently?"
"Don't fancy them, so no."
"Well, it's a great thing."
"You drink wearing stupid outfits. Nothing different from the usual, apart from you looking stupid, not just acting."
"Your fun at parties."
"I am. Now go on your period."

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