Monday, 15 August 2016

Story #356 - In demand friend

"Yo, Max, we haven't seen each other in a while. What're you doing tomorrow night?"
"Going out of town, man."
"You're always going out of town."
"Can't help it. My job wants me travel-"
"Get a different one."
"I can't find anything that'll pay me so well."
"I hear you, but I wanna see you, you know?"
"Hey, I wanna see you, too. There's nothing I can do about this, though."
"When are you free, then?"
"Tonight. How about tonight?"
"Well, I...think I can work something out, actually."
"Great. We can go get smashed and party like before."
"Hell, yeah. That's what I'm talking about."
"In an hour?"
"Sounds good. Same place?"
"See ya then."

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