Saturday, 20 August 2016

Story #361 - Get your free item

"Good evening, folks. We've got a special promotion for you this evening, and it will all happen at aisle 20 in just a few moments, so make your way there if you would like a free gift."
'Free, huh? I wonder what's the catch. I'm sure there's something.'
"Alright, folks. In just a few more seconds we will start the procedure, so if you haven't already, make your way to aisle 20 to receive your free gift on our special promotion."
'I've made my way here. Where are you, mate? There are at least twenty of us around. Impressive, considering the store is somewhat dead right now. Ah, there he is, wearing an apron from some weirdly named promotions company. Mid '40s, a bit chubby around the waist, a slither of grey hairs popping on the sides of his hair. Let's see what you can do.'
"Okay, folks. If you could all leave your trolleys on the left side of the aisle, and come over to me, so we can all get started.
Come on, squeeze, so everybody can see. Everybody? Good.
Alright, we are doing this promotion that is strictly in this store, and as a thank you for leaving everything in order to come here, I will give this free gift to everyone present. If you could all spread these around, so that we can do it faster, in a teamwork fashion, and after you've received it, could you please raise it in the air, because it's important for the ending. Alright? Does everyone have it?"
'Oh, grand. A cooking thing. A round slicer that I will never use. Well, there goes five minutes of trying to be sold something. I'm gonna go before he fills my head with other junk.'

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