Sunday, 7 August 2016

Story #348 - The silent beach

Not every city has a beach. Heck, not every country has one. But when you go to a capital, a popular one that has plenty of sights to see and no other reason to think about something else, you discover that it also has a beach.
Armed with a gleeful smile, the giddiness of a child, as well as the hope that it would not suck, I embarked on the journey to the outskirts; it was boring, yet necessary.
When I reached the sandy shores, I discovered a small, serene slice of heaven.
Nobody was there. And that was fine. I had it all to myself. And that was great.  
The people who help keep the area clean had placed three volleyball nets, made mounds to hide behind, in their attempt to offer something special in such a small place.
Every sand-filled area by the sea has shells, algae covering rocks, or your leg, depending on how long you stay there, and great water, but not every place has that homely feeling of "I feel like I want to spend my years here."
Amsterdam, the city that keeps making you come back. It is, definitely, one of those perfect places around the globe.

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