Thursday, 11 August 2016

Story #352 - The stress of moving

After we've lived in a place for a while, we feel like it's our home, more or less. But then something happens, either job dissatisfaction, or life discomfort, and the decision is made to move away.
Hours upon hours are spent on websites, scouring for a new flat, for a safe area, for something nice.
Simultaneously, on different website, the searches are ongoing for jobs.
Lastly, searches are also on clubs and other fun areas. Because you have to have a place where you spend your neurons and cash on, too.
I know, there's a spot I'm missing, which is the cultural part. I am surprised at how many people don't really care about this part. I guess it's the same ones that don't view it as a way to make a living.
Stress can get bigger than this, but those other factors are best left for a different conversation.

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