Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Story #358 - It was supposed to be a nice day #part 2

She let the phone vibrate in her hand once more before pressing the green button.
"Tracy! Where are you?"
"In the park. What's wrong?"
"Your mom just keeled over."
"No. Nothing like that."
"Then don't say keeled over, you fuckin' imbecile. Say she fell or something. Goddammit. I almost turned white." She placed her free hand the side of her face, covering her eye and part of the mouth.
"She's still feeling the effects, you know."
"Why was she up, anyway? Doctor's told us not to let her move from the bed."
"I took my eye off of her."
"Hey, I fell asleep. You know how hard this shit is."
"I do. This is my first day out of the house in a month."
"Oh. I'm not gonna nag you, then. Enjoy your time."
"I will. Let me know if something changes."
"Yeah. Bye."
Tracy put the device back in her pocket.
'Jesus. Can't get a solitary moment out of there.'
"Mommy, I can't get down. Help." Maria's voice came from behind her mother.