Saturday, 6 August 2016

Story #347 - The window girl

It's one of those nights.
The rain started less than five minutes ago, and I already have my glasses soaked.
Walking by the canals in Amsterdam is certainly something different, with narrow pathways, bikes and civilians at the same time, as well as girls in abundance. Men more so, but...
Before I can finish that thought, I stop, take off my glasses to wipe them with my t-shirt, then place them back. In an instant, I my eyes meet that of a window girl's. She's pointing at hers, smiling, somewhat inviting me inside. I smile back before carrying on walking.
Tempted, tempting, a model's body with a high maintenance face, something I will never want, was approachable for one night, and for one night, those dreams went away.
If only she wasn't behind glass, under a red light, wearing silk underwear that would make any guy jump.
Paying for a girl, no matter the look, wasn't something I looked forth. Still isn't. Probably will never be.
Still, bawling my eyes at some of them was gratuitous, and I took it.

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