Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Story #357 - It was supposed to be a nice day #part 1

Upon approaching the park bench, Maria noticed a spider web between the cracks of the old wood at the bottom. She looked around for something, but shook her head, then grabbed a sharp-edged rock and proceeded to stick it in the webbing. First she was beside the bench, until she realized it would be safer from the top. She jumped on top, sitting on her knees, leaning down, grabbing a wooden part to sustain herself.
"Maria!" came from the same left side. "Stop playing around with rocks. It's dangerous."
"I'm killing a spider, mom. I'm making it safer for others."
"Fine. Do what you will," she said, letting out a sigh.
The mother put her rose-tinted sunglasses on, a baseball cap, and crossed over to the grassy patch of the area.
"I should've brought a blanket," she muttered to herself. "I miss picnics." She sat down, on the grass, with an indirect view of her daughter, who was still troubling the edge of the bench.
Her phone started buzzing. She took it out and checked the name.
"For Pete's sake."

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