Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Story #351 - Cheat day

"Alright. As your fitness coach, I'm giving you a cheat day today. Because you've been putting in 3-4 hours of workout every day for the past six, you can eat junk food if you want."
"Great, coach. Thanks."
"But make sure you stay away from bread."
"I want a pizza, coach. That's bread."
"Yes. Stay away from it."
"No. I want it."
"If you're gonna eat that, then don't bother coming here tomorrow. Come the day after."
"You'll be bloated and won't be able to do your regular workout."
"Then what kind of junk food do you recommend?"
"Nothing, but if you must, potatoes, or sorbet, or white rice."
"Guess I'll be seeing you in two days, then."
"Get ready to have your ass kicked."

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