Friday, 27 December 2013

Talks (for Flash Friday)

You're the one who told me to create, right?
Then why are you yelling at me for no reason?
What's that? I blew up the ecosystem and now there's only one big ball left?
Yeah, so?
I'll make a new Earth there, a different one. Maybe even better.
Unacceptable? Hah. You're one to talk since you messed up the original Earth and left the people without any hope.
Oh, oh... Now you deny it you wily fool. That's why they stopped believing in you. That's why I have to build a new one.
You want to make one, again? Sure, I guess. There's always room for aliens, right?
Mine'll be the aliens? Fine. They'll be better anyway. Without a poop hole and defects, they'll be the perfect creatures.
Ah... Can't wait till mine conquer the world and yours will sulk without a reason.

The theme was the picture on the left, while I had to incorporate the one on the right somewhere.
Flash Friday

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