Thursday, 19 December 2013

Relaxin' - Friday Fictioneers challenge

The sparkling blue water graces me with its presence. So fun to be alive and roam freely. No barriers. No walls. Not even bretheren.
Wait... There's a sound coming from the west. Maybe I should... It stopped. What gives?

Bah. Must've been a seagull. Bloody things always disturb me when I'm sleeping.
Now where was I? Right. Basking in this jovial sun. Cheeky guy is smiling at me in full effect.

Something just grabbed me. I can feel how it pulls me away, yet, as much as I struggle, I can't seem to get loose.
What's this sharp thing I...

100 words for this week's Friday Fictioneers


  1. i feel sorry for the dolphin.

  2. I was enjoying your narrator's fun until he got rudely taken away. Good story.

  3. i loved the flow of words...
    With so much ease...
    And nice story!

  4. Well written tale with a twist. Just one thing - brethren not bretheren!

  5. Dear Adrian,

    So much for relaxin', eh? Nice one.