Friday, 27 December 2013

Mirrors (for Friday Fictioneers)

I moved in here three weeks ago hoping I'll grow as a person. However, things didn't go at all like that.
Day, night, it doesn't matter when, two mirrors high atop a tower that's ten feet away from my apartment light me up.
Their brightness seeps through the window, shades, even cardboard stand, and burns me.
I've been to the hospital twice, to get a check-up. Health deteriorated between visits. Probably since then, too. I haven't had the money to go a third time. Eyes are shot.
Heard the last owner died.
Shotgun and shells are in closet. Better use

Friday Fictioneers


  1. Dark indeed.. Killed by light.. sounds strange living here in Sweden where darkness permeates the world at the moment.

  2. Dear Adrian,

    This reads a little like an old Twilight Zone. I can see this person slowly going mad. Well crafted.



  3. Good one. The voice is convincing.

  4. oh heck... you think it must be kinda magical to live so close to the eiffel tower - but then... can turn out completely different... i like the twist you give it here... and the lights do look like alien eyes indeed... nice to meet you...

  5. enjoyed this dark take on the prompt. and yes, the voice was very convincing, believable :)

  6. Move out quick. Not like the last owner.

  7. Shotgun's a bit extreme - why not just move?

    1. You might say the stress hit him so much that he couldn't think properly.