Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Just another winter - 100-word drabble (Fiction Writers Group)

As the first jingles ran through his cotton earmuffs
and his nose drooped like an icepack about to melt,
he popped up his black eyes and jiggled his oval head.
“Shoo, you darn birds. Get off.” He lashed out
fog from his lipless mouth and scared them away.
“Another winter, another chill. Lonely times
sure do come fast, but only once a year.”
He rotated his round body to a tree and picked up
a muddied, bent cardboard piece. He rolled it
into a cone and scooped snow from the pile beside him.
“Nothing beats nectar,” he smiled as he took a bite.

This little tidbit appeared in the anthology "Twas the Night Before." A collection of 100-word drabbles about the festive spirit.
You can read the rest below.
Jovial Christmas

Twas the Night Before

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