Friday, 6 December 2013

Me, myself and I - 100-word flash for Friday Fictioneers

This weeks theme for Friday Fictioneers

I know it says "no trespassing," but maybe I should go over the wall.
No, no, no. What am I talking about? Last time I stepped on a man's property, he ran me off with his shotgun. Almost left me headless.
Yeah. But that's how old goats are.
True. Still, there are mad dogs beyond.
That's why I'm armored to the teeth and have a baton. Just in case.
If five mutts jump me, I won't be able to withstand it, well-knit leather suit or no.
So, I should go away and be a coward?
No. I'm the hero.


  1. I swear, the first words that popped in my head after reading this were "I'm Batman!" complete with the Christian Bale gargle. I like that you show the hero having doubts, enough so that he over-prepares for it. Good story!

  2. Dear Adrian,

    Welcome to Friday Fictioneers. If you've written with us before pardon my faulty memory.
    Sounds like an internal argument and I find myself wondering which voice he should heed. Nice one.



    1. Hello, Rochelle,

      No, this is my first time writing to Friday Fictioneers.

  3. Adrian, a warm welcome from me as well. I like that your title foreshadowed the internal conflict going on in your story.