Saturday, 7 December 2013

Aunt Renie - for The Future Of Storytelling MOOC #AuntRenie, #StoryMOOC

Aunt Renie is a peach of a gal.
She dances rumba like no other.
Drinks anything, but only two glasses.
"My limit, deary."

Despite her frail physique,
She is stronger than girls
A quarter her age.

"I was born to see the world."
And shows us her tickets.
From Amsterdam to Paris to Bucharest
All visited in less than a week.

Then tells us of her regret.
"That my best friend passed away,
And didn't get to see the sea.
But with this water from the Mediterranean
It's as if she came along."

And off she goes,
To her next destination.
"Brazil, to see the Rio Festival."

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