Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Writing a story every day, for one year.

Let's get down to the chase. I will be writing a story every day, starting tomorrow, the 26th of August, until 26th of 2016. I'm probably sure that I will have certain days when I won't have a lot of time, but I managed that it the past, and I can do it again.

Stephen King writes 1000 words a day, and while when I was writing my novel (which won't see anybody else's eyes) I was cranking out between 500-850 words a day, only in a few instances did I reach over four digits.

Before I moved to London (last September), I was writing several times a week, but I have since seen a lack of time, and, ultimately, a lack of progress in my writing. Everybody wants progress, right?

My stories won't be long. Probably between 50-1000 words. If I get more into it, maybe more, who knows.
What I can tell you about me right now is that I write a lot of stuff with dialogue (I am the creator of an e-zine titled Dialogual, after all.) as well as some weird things, with very different humor.
There was a challenge in February about writing a play, every day, for 28 days, and while I did write very short plays (or so I think), I had fun and had some creative juices flowing that time. Then I kinda stopped and the rut began again.

Ultimately, I want this to be a fun thing about writing in various styles (probably dabble into poetry at some point).

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