Friday, 28 August 2015

Story #3 - Writing songs isn't that easy

"We are the originals. 
We shimmy and we shake. 
We like to rock 'n roll. 
We like to go down low. 
Originals, baby."

Martin has been reading that for over ten minutes now. He was sitting comfortably on the couch beforehand. Now, not so much. 
He looked up at Josh, kid being all smiles. 
Well, shit, I don't want to be the bad guy here. But I also hate having my time wasted. 

"Okay, Josh. I get that you enjoy this chorus. Are you sure it's finished?"
"Pretty sure, Martin. Like I said, it came to me in a dream, and all my dreams tend to be cool, you know?"
"Gotcha. I like you, and you already know that since I let you hang around. The thing about this is that, well, it needs some rework. And a whole lot more. You might have something here, just not enough for me. I'd like you to come back with it when you have a whole song."
"Sure. But, even if I do this, there still isn't anyone on your roster that can sing it. No Elvis sound-alike around."
"Bring me the finished stuff and I'll think about it then. You do step A, I'll do from B to Z. Don't worry."
"Great. See you."
That went well. 

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