Sunday, 30 August 2015

Story #5 - Positivity

Oh, God, not another one these worthless meetings. And it has to start in the next five minutes. I was supposed to be finished in five. Ughh...
"Come on, Charlie. It'll be fun," Bill said, smiling. He's been working here for two years already. I'm pretty sure he forgot what "fun" actually means. I wonder if he used to wear at his previous job only vests over jumpers, as well as chinos, and black shoes. Come to think of it, even when we went on our trips, he still had the same wardrobe.
"You said that about the last couple of meetings. And they dragged and dragged and dragged," I said, looking at him like he was crazy.
"Yeah, I know what you mean. I think Jeremy had a day off or something. He usually has humor. Or, at least, a few jokes here and there," he said, his joyful mood waning with every word.
"That guy? I somehow don't picture it."
"What do you picture?" His lips somehow lit up again.
"A guy who uses catchphrases because he doesn't have anything else in his repertoire. And grins a lot. What's up with that?" I had my arms crossed, then I checked the time. Two more minutes.
"I think he wants everybody to be positive regardless of where they are in their personal, or even, work related life," There's that smile again.
"I'm curious about his right now. Does he have a wife? Children? Hobbies?"
"Hmm... I don't think anybody knows. Maybe he has, although I haven't seen a ring on his finger."

The bell rang. I saw all my colleagues marching along to the meeting room. They looked like zombies who haven't had their meal yet. Dragging their feet, barely able to lift their knuckles, no mention of arms, eyelids going down faster than a cheap hooker. They must love these meetings. Oh, hey, look, Dave's so worn out that he crashed into the wall and slid on the carpet. I should take a picture. This is funny. I'll have something against this guy who always has a one up on me.
Dammit. Just when I was about to take the photo, Mr. Positivity himself rose through the ashes that was the elevator, and quickly moved through the myriad of minions like it was a steeplechase with a few other obstacles in the way.
I'd better get in before he sees me. And says something. Hate talking one on one with the guy. I like positivity as much as the next guy, but realism should be in direct correlation. 
Anyway, it's high time I go in, sit in the chair, and hide my mouth with my hands or something for an hour or so. 

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