Friday, 3 January 2014

Old coot - for Flash Friday

“Ladies, gents, it’s time to commence our anatomy lesson. First, we shall discuss about Queen Cleopatra and Marc Antonius.”
“Your Excellency, that is entirely another topic.”
“Shush now, Squire James. We shall parlay about their bodily parts and about their attractiveness.”
“Like I said, your Worshipness, that is another matter for another class.”
“What nonsense are you babbling there? Is it not what anatomy is about?”
“Nay. That is sexual education.”
“Well then, perhaps we should change subject instead. Fellow students, do you agree?”
“Your magnificence, even if they all agree, and they are, we have been solicited for anatomy, not sexual education.”
“Blithering curmudgeon, why must I always do as you please?”
“But your Extravaganceness, I am merely obeying what you have besought.”
“Bah. Where have we remained? Ah, yes. Queen Cleopatra and Marc Antonius were…”
“No, you silly boy. They were not guards.”

“These two gents are.”

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