Friday, 17 January 2014

A bit of fun? - for Flash Friday

     “Jenny, you can take your blindfold off.”
“What’s this? A roller coaster? I told you I didn’t like them.”
“Yeah, but look. You can walk on this one. There’s nothing to fear.”
“Sure? If something happens, I’ll put you in the hospital.”
“Haha. Okay, okay. Just make sure you a judo maneuver, not a taekwondo kick. That way I won’t get to spend a month behind white tiles.”
“Two months.”
“Why is my gut trembling?”
“Maybe it sensed something from me.”
“I haven’t even set foot on the platform and already I’m getting dizzy.”
“And I feel great… Hey, is that a tiger over there?”
“Where? …I don’t see a thing in the woods.”
“I’m pretty sure I saw one springing from tree to tree.”
“A ninja tiger? You saw too many anime.”
“I’m serious. Look. There it went again.”

“It’s coming this way. Holy sh…”

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