Friday, 10 January 2014

Not such a pleasant drive - for Flash Friday

Good day to be driving around the countryside, eh, James?
Just look at this prosperous forest. Branches on the dirt road, grass all burned, the red river full of dead fish. Wait, I actually think I see some human limbs. Delightful. Now we’re headed into what seems like an elephant-sized tree trunk whose head was chopped off, and its knickers area shrilled to pieces. Like some sort of a magic gate, eh, James? This is unreal to you too? I knew it.
Argh. Pesky hole in the ground. Almost stuck the wheel in. Good thing it’s wooden and gets out faster.
What’s this? People in armor covered in silver tunics? Swords? And they’re saying something I don’t understand. Do you, James? No. Of course you don’t.

Whoa. The chap in front has a vertical bow of sorts. And he’s aiming… Straight at my neck. Looks like it’s over James, old doll.

Flash Friday

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