Thursday, 2 January 2014

After the Comet - Fauxpocalypse excerpt

Recently, an anthology I was a part of was released.
Titled Fauxpocalypse, it is about the end of the world that didn't happen, and all stories are related to what might happen in case such a thing were to happen.
Below I have included an excerpt from my story "After the Comet".
You can purchase it from Amazon or from Smashwords.

After the Comet

I repeat, the comet has not landed. We will be back shortly after we have more information on the subject,” said the radio announcer.
What now, eh? You said it'd crash and we'd be fine, I mean, we'd be dead, but fine nonetheless,” said Tara.
So, you're blaming me cause we're not dead? How's that for selfishness, uh?” Grant stood up from her arms, grabbed the radio and walked to the basement stairs. “Listen, I didn't say it'd land, the stupid astronomers, or scientists or whoever is in charge of this said so,” he said, and went upstairs, leaving the place —and her— in the dark; annoyed and sweaty, she decided to go after him.
The middle-aged woman looked for her husband, but he wasn't in sight. Damn man, he’s probably outside, but who cares? I need to wash off this filthy sweat. She headed to the bathroom, turned on the cold water, took off her clothes and jumped in.

Damn, this sure is like ice.” She shivered before balancing with hot water. “Since I am supposed to be dead, guess I can unwind for a while, right? I should give that idiot a piece of my mind. Him and his stupid ideas. I should’ve done it. At least I knew then that I followed it, instead of sitting here, cramped up like a guinea pig, waiting to die.” 

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