Monday, 11 November 2013

Another delightful day - flash fiction

Journal Entry #65427

Another delightful day.

It started absolutely smashing. The alarm should have gone off at four a.m., but it didn't and I woke up at fife-thirty. I was supposed to be at work then. So I had to explain to the boss that a neighbor came by with her child and I had to take care of it all night. Obviously, I was out clubbing with the girls.

Moving on, it was pretty uneventful at the office. A woman in her mid-twenties strolled off the elevator wearing nothing but green stilettos. She said she wanted to have sex with everyone inside, but offered no real reason as to why. The chief and his lackeys pounced on her right away.
Hours passed and we didn't see her back, then we heard a bang, a window getting smashed and plenty of screaming.
We rushed to his office and saw blood. The two lackeys jumped out, while the chief was dead, with his face in her crotch. The woman was hysterical in her soundless laughter.

A slight dizziness overcame me, so I went back to my desk, put my head in my cupped hands and closed my eyes.
When I opened them, it was nighttime and I was alone at the office. I even shouted, but only heard my echo. Hah, what fun I had with that. Anyway, I went home right away and turned on the news.
Apparently, the woman had a disease that drove people bonkers. And yet, it didn't affect me, but it hit the others some way or the other.
My eyes were hazy on the way over, and they still are. I think I'll get some sleep bef...

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